Insect and Disease Prevention

Watering lawns and plants for healthy growth
Watering Lawns and Plants for Healthy Growth
June 11, 2015
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July 2, 2015
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Insect and Disease Prevention

Insect and Disease Prevention:

Insecticide & Fungicide


As beneficial and necessary as rainfall and watering are for a healthy lawn, it is also important to monitor the presence of moisture. Step one of monitoring health is ensuring the lawn is properly irrigated.

Using something as easy as a screwdriver, probe the lawn six to eight inches. If this is done easily, you have plenty of moisture in the soil. If there is tension and the soil is dry, fungus is not a concern quite yet. You need to water.

If there are areas in which there is more “brown” than “green”, but the soil still easily probes, there may be a fungi problem. Another issue that may cause the lack of grass growth is insect concentration. Insects are not usually harmful to your yard, but there are some cases in which they are. Be aware of gaps in lawn growth and do not hesitate to look into ways you might eliminate the issue.

In order to prevent or eliminate disease in your Atlanta lawn, you may need to make use of fungicides or insecticides. Fortunately enough, we are more than ready to take care of those needs for you. For more information about Fungicide, insecticide, or other landscape care we offer to the greater Atlanta area, give us a call at (404) 352-9393 or email us with questions at

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